Multiple Ligament Injuries

Sabrina Sussman

In May 2014, Sabrina was struck by a speeding driver while going on a morning run in her neighborhood. Among many other injuries, she also had a fractured left knee, a torn ATFL in her right ankle, a torn meniscus, and ACL, PCL and FCL in her right knee. Following the crash, ten orthopaedic surgeons told her that her right knee was inoperable. When first meeting Dr. Faucett, he told Sabrina that the recovery would be long, but that his goal was to see her back on the road training for a race.

β€œHe was at my side every step of the way- starting at that first consultation. He answered every single question, calmed my terrified parents, and led my recovery across two and a half years of physical therapy. Dr. Faucett made my dream a reality, and in March 2016, less than two years after the crash, I ran my first race.In addition to being responsible for my physical recovery, Dr. Faucett also gets the credit for a recovery of my confidence. Losing the ability to stand on your own two feet is an experience that changes the way you see yourself, and the trust you have in your own body. His expertise and care helped me regain the confidence not just to stand on my own- but to soar.” Thank you for sharing your incredible story Sabrina!

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