Pediatric Injuries

Just like adults, children love to be active whether it be on the playground, the court, or out in the community.  And just like adults children can unfortunately injury themselves.   Injuries such as sprains and broken bones are the most common musculoskeletal injuries in kids, but sometimes they can even sustain injuries such as meniscus tears, ligament tears and muscle injuries.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott Faucett, as a father, takes a caring and comforting approach to every part of the care of children, from a warm and comforting patient rapport, to being able to relay the treatment plan to the parents and child.

Pediatric injuries create another level of complexity because they are growing! All orthopaedic care must take into account the growth plates. Dr Faucett has undergone additional and extensive training to recognize growth plate injuries as well as to prevent them during surgery.  In some cases Dr. Faucett may use the power of the growth plate in a technique called guided growth which can help extremity deformities such as valgus, varus, or recurvatum.

Thankfully children heal musculoskeletal injuries much faster than adults.  This is due to the increased bone metabolism in children compared to adults.

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