FAI Surgery

Matt Pierce

Matt Pierce had to undergo FAI surgery from Dr. Faucett in May 2019. Less than 6 months later he is able to mountain bike again and is looking forward to being able to go snowboarding as well. “Only less than 6 months into a typical 6-12 month recovery and I’m already able to ride my mountain bike (on rough terrain too… Frederick Watershed), as well as do yoga again. Can’t really ask for more than that! It really does feel like Scott and his associates gave me my life back and I couldn’t be more grateful! Will definitely go here again once I can afford to get the other hip done. Luckily, that one’s not as bad and I probably have a couple years before it really starts causing problems. Always had a good experience at my follow up appointments as well. Highly recommended, 5+ stars.” Glad we could help you get your life back, Matt!

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